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In-game reporting now available - Discussion thread


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Hello @NQ-Pann

I was hoping since we are talking about reporting/bannable offenses.

1. Can we have forum rules that are uniform with DU's in game Code of Conduct?
2. What are we doing to keep people from weaponizing moderators/mods with intentional baiting to get people banned?

I mention this as there is no secret in the DU community I am hot tempered. I don't want to be, I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, all which contribute to anger management issues. While I don't believe this excuses me from following the rules, it certainly makes me vulnerable to being triggered into responses to peoples toxic behavior. 

I am a lot like a mirror if you show me aggression, I will give aggression back. If you show me kindness I will return that kindness, I am pretty simple that way.

One thing people don't know about me vs. my colorful language is I am in the process of trying to seek mental health help real life for my aggression, anxiety and PTSD. I see way to many people on forum, general (in-game), and discord intentionally baiting people into a level of frustration they can report. 

I use DU as a coping/de-stressing activity, and the Dementor changes have been super destabilizing due to everything I have lost, how the changes impact me as a builder. So I think a lot of people have seen me much more angry and upset verbally in the past month than the past couple of years I have been on.

So when people say "if you don't have a thicker skin don't login." They don't understand I live in the city in a one bedroom apartment. Traffic is hard to drive in cause people are dangerous, on their phones and aggressive when they drive. Work is hard cause you deal with the public which isn't always friendly or kind, sometimes you are treated like trash. You walk your dogs people don't leash their dogs so then you have dogs that run up and attack your dog, but you can't afford to move to a place out in the country.

If I log off, I can't go out in public, and I am trapped in my one bedroom apartment, DU is sadly probably a little pathetic my best escape from a very high stress & dangerous career. I am cornered, and handling the best I can until I can find therapy or better options for managing both my stress, PTSD, anger, etc.

Yet we have approaches to moderation that can unilaterally punish whoever gets emotionally stressed first, stacking the punishment/harm on that individual.

Unprovoked I am not a rude, crude, or violent individual, nor am I excusing my behavior, just a lifetime of hardship and conditioned environment has created a lot of undesirable non-pro-social reactions on my part.

I love this community and this game even if I sound very unhappy currently due to dementor changes + massive real life stress. I 100% agree I need to do better, and I am trying, it is definitely a process though, and I need moderation standards that don't just treat me like I am a nail and they are the hammer.


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