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Weathering Layer for Ship Areas


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All ships in DU look like they are brand-new.

I would be cool, if we could activate various "weathering" layers on selected areas and selected elements of ships and bases. I am listing various layer ideas here:
- oil
- dirt
- metallic corrosion
-  surface aging damage

The srength (intensity) of the weathering can be set by the player
- 0 = restoring to default "none"'
- 1 = a litle bit
- 2 = moderate
- 3 = a lot

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I like the idea, Eve have something like this.
But are you aware that vast majority of ships are made of plastic and aluminium?
How can you justify putting corrosion on it.
I think your idea is nice, however it would require alot of work from NQ.

I have question to you mate.
You know that game is in terrible state right know, but you keep adding alot of ideas.
They are nice, but they are seriously optional!
Game lack alot of fundamentals elements and features and NQ is in serious lack of developers.
On top of it we have serious balance issues and things NQ have to rework first.
Once we deal with important staff, then we can ask them for optionals.
If you keep adding them work like this on their shoulders, how are they going to make a game better?

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Thanks for the constructive reply. Here my answers:

Even aluminium and plastic can show signs of aging. Also, dirt is yet another type of aging or weathering, and that affects all materials.

All ideas here are read by NQ, and those ideas that get replies or likes are considered even more. Bu that does not mean that these things will happen, that NQ is starting to work on those. They are just added to a list, and different priority levels are assigned to each idea.  With other words; many of them might happen but only after the game in its core is where NQ wants it to be. We all here know that.   🙂

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