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Let Stacking Just Fade Away!

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                                                                                                                                Let It Fade


       NQ (Novaquark) ignored correcting stacked builds and allowed a precedence of stacking when announcing there will be no punishment for stacking.  NQ is now saying that they will delete (without warning or compensation) Stacked ships when detected or turned in by fellow players.  Is this fair to the players of DU and is it a waste of NQ man hours in tracking down and deleting of these existing stacked builds on DU players?
     Removal of being able to stack in DU is good.  problems will be resolved by doing so.  PvP exploits will be eliminated and building will return as it was originally planned to be, just to mention a couple.
     However, perhaps the added deletion of stacked builds may be a bit to much.  Lets think of the ship collector that bought a ship because it looked great.  He may never fly the thing but spent millions of quanta to purchase this ship and put it in his/her show room, but now NQ will just delete it?  Or, perhaps the builder that used stacking of elements to create interesting new shapes, art or unique elements combo's.  Are all of the thousand of hours of work that these DU builders spent to be deleted?  Personally, I like the Idea of not having a big ass end on a ship.
     What is the purpose of even spending the man hours to find stacked builds or even to delete these builds.  Is this what NQ spends it time doing when the stacking issue will resolve itself, instead of addressing more pressing issues with in DU?   NQ made it so you can no longer make stacked builds nor replace the broken parts on stacked builds.  It seems it would be fair to just let stacked builds that are already in existence to just fade away.  Eventually these builds will have to replace parts from pvp conflict or crashes and since builds can not re-stack or replace stacked elements the ship is useless and there is one less stacked ship in the game.  Over time, stacked builds will become rarer and rarer (with pvp builds being the first to go) until they no longer exist. By just letting the problem fade away, the DU community will be happier, NQ man hours will be saved to work on other issues within DU, and everyone wins.  

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But in the meantime you can lose 50 ships to someone with a ship that should be prohibited...  to me, they need to make a decision and stick with it, and that decision should be to wipe all the stacked elements that are giving an unfair advantage before honest players are losing ships to them. 

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23 minutes ago, Haku0814 said:

Wait!? There's no way to filter a search for X number of elements fitting in an XYZ plane?


As i understand it they can see these things but there may be a difference between seeing and fixing.  Only the devs know what they can and can't do, and so far all they seem to so is change their mind a bunch and leave more questions than answers. 

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