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Small shields need rebalance


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XS and S shield generators need rebalance. The dimensions of these shields are too large and don't fit on most ships. I think that it is necessary to increase the HP of these shields: 1.500.000-2.000.000 for XS and 2.000.000-4.000.000 for S.

The dimensions of these shields need to be reduced so that they can be installed on ships and not spoil the design. Why is there so much gigantism in this game? Railgun L and DSAT are too big 


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Little story

I made low cost XS fighters to organize fun fights (visually ships resembling something other than cubes), these things remain functional in PvP (sold maybe more than 250, and the vast majority are dead in combat) .
We organize events for beginner players or players who have not had the opportunity to test PvP (yes NQ! Having to pay for an L-class ship is a barrier to some players being able to consider testing PvP) ).

I fully support the wish of downsizing weapons.
The XS guns had a certain size in the past but we were fine with that. Now they are even bigger than ever and that really destroys all design of prior to this update but also new constructions which must therefore be bigger ...

And I'm not even talking about the shields, I am unable to fit its with dignity on an XS hunter ...

Unfortunately I don't think we'll invest time any time again to revamp an XS fight event.

In short, I am only talking about the XS on my example but it is valid for all our vessels from XS to the L range.
My PvP group is quite disgusted by this update say "PvP".

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