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Hello all, I thought I would take the time to write up a summary of the events that led to the creation of Legion. For those unaware, Legion is a new pvp alliance formed from a group of former Ascendancy member orgs and as far as i know, Legion is the largest alliance in DU at the moment in terms of character count and fleet size.

The buildup to this mass exodus from AC was a long time coming. The first issue being an issue of many orgs in DU, afk leadership. AC was plagued with afk leaders and in a few cases entire organizations that had moved on to other games but did not step down from leadership or giving up their voting powers. These people would continue to vote on important issues and control the actions of the people who actually play the game. For example a vote was started in the AC to ban the shooting of ships in pvp space unless they shot first, effectively banning any control over space resources. This was voted on and decided by people who primarily didn’t play the game.

After months of only a small subset of AC players actually helping and contributing to the growth of the Alliance the catalyst for the departure was the announcement of asteroids. ATOM attempted to pass a vote requiring all AC orgs to participate in the defense of space assets. This vote ended up failing with the majority of the votes cast by players who no longer played the game or who never participated in the alliance in general.

Du has evolved from the beginning, while at first the only thing that mattered was the amount of people in your du community org, to building as a group because of a lack of a market, to single players being able to buy and build everything possible in the game. The game has changed from being a solo minecraft type game to a game where cooperation matters and more, specifically pvp Space matters. Having easy access to missions, the best way to make money in the game. To asteroids in space having the most valuable resources in the coming patch. Knowing who has your back, who will be there to help you without thinking, and who is in it only for themselves has become extremely important.

Legion was founded on these ideas. Getting access to the best income and resources in the game through pvp. Creating the largest fleet to ensure the safety of this income. Generating content to keep people engaged and playing. And generally improving our skill and members standing in the universe.

Super legate of ATOM
Executive of Legion

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Well, not fan of the name (to be super honest!), but overall very reasonable thing to do.


Always was almost religious enemy of DU "zombie orgs", all this dead shit from "forum only" rpg times of DU, with 100-200-300 bs rosters, not playing "great leader" and 2-3 sad bastards on ground (actualy), who bothered only with their own little factory. This shit must go into abyss. Its great you liberated yourself fron this dead weight.


Make sure you document your adventures in asteroid era, not playing much myself lately, but still interested in good story/event/salt.

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