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Weapons system rework proposal


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Hello girls and guys,

It's been a while I didn't post anything and wasn't much active into the game, but sometimes I do come back :)


So today, and as I thought of it often, I wanted to propose you a detailled mechanic of a advanced weapon system, based on existant of course. It comes in two new components, the reload system and the weapon orienting system (mount) and a topic about weapon's power consumption.

But first, please notice that I consider the power system to be availible and fonctionnal.


Weapon's reload system:

All weapons should come along a reload system being a physical component that you must put next to the weapon. The reload system depends on the size and the type of weapon. Once you place a weapon, you automatically get the reload system in hand and it must placed to validate the weapon placement. This reload system must be feed with power and ammo. We can imagine building additional reload system if it seems necessary.
The goal of this additional component is to limit the use of weapon capabilities without limiting on where (on which core) the weapon can be attached, but also offering a way of customization and optimisation (including LUA).

  -On missille: Missille are big compared to other weapon's ammunitions, so is the reload system, While we can imagine having XL missile on an XS ship, the need of having a huge power consuption in plus of the size should drastically reduce the usage of such a design. Not that the reload system on missille only draw power (and ammos) whenever it has to reload.

  -On laser: Laser's reload system is small compared to other's reload system as are the ammunitions, it doesn't consume much but the reload process being very complicated it is very slow.

  -On cannons: cannons fires continiously ammos, and for this reasons the reload system must feed the gun continuously and draining power in the mean time, while not being a very big consumption, packing multiple cannon could be a challenge on smaller ship.

  -On railgun: Railgun use magazine that must be reloaded once empty, the power consuption only happens when so.


Weapon's power consumption:

All weapons consume power, but quitte differently. If there isn't enough power availible the weapon will works slowler if possible (adjusted to what is availible).

  -On missille: Missille pods only consume power when firing but in a spike. If there isn't enough power availible the weapon won't fire.

  -On laser: Lasers consume a huge ammount of power continuously while firing, it can't fire if there isn't enough power.

  -On cannons: cannons consume tiny ammount of power but continously, adding to the reload-system consumption, both can work significantly slower if needed.

  -On railgun: In order to shot, railgun must stack a lot of power and release it. It can works with a reduced fire rate if not enough power is availible. Once the power stacked, the weapon desn't consume power until next shot.


Weapon's orienting system (and aiming):

Any weapon can be mounted on a weapon's orienting system, they allow the weapon to rotate an align with the target, envetually tracking it. There is three different kinds of weapon's mount:

  -Static mount: The weapon doesn't move at all, while the missille can change trajectory after being fired (at the cost of travel time), the other weapons cannot. This mount well protect the weapon, is very basic and efficient. It can be usefull on small ship that can fire straight to big target (fighters) or on gunship that can align the whole ship, think of litterally a gun with adjustors and engines programmed with LUA to track a target.

  -Tracking assisted mount: The mount can move in any direction to a small angle, helping tracking and target adjustment, it consume a bit of energy and is more fragile than the static mount due to the use of alignement system. But it is very handy on almost any ship that face is target.

  -Fully roating mount: Able to rotate in any direction and therefore track any on sight target, it's a must have on big and slow ship that cannot turn quikcly to keep tracking. It uses a lot of power and are very fragile while taking a lot of space. Smaller version can track faster due to less inertia involved.


Others thoughs:

-Missille with integrated lock system to replace the big radar that couldn't fit on a XS score, but with limit of not being able to lock S and XS score at long range. It an advanded class ammos.

-Counter mesure: Small laser being able to destroy incomming missile when they're close enough.

-Damage propagation: on laser spreading much more than other weapons through the target due to heat transfer; on cannon almost none, therefore concentrating power; on missile almost only on the surface, on railgun mix between canon and laser hard punch on concentrated point and smaller damage through the target.


I know it isn't perfect, those are just though (some very close to what planned or existing) that I wanted to share with the community. Have a good day.

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