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More gate sizes



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  1. 1. please

    • I would like more gates
    • i would like more doors and gates
    • i would like to go to mordor and would like all of the above
    • i would like gates, but not mordoors
    • I don't like half serious posts that are actually asking for a feature
    • I chose the 6th choice, but i still agree with the first 3 choices. I'm funny.

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It seems very bizarre how we have so many types of doors, yet we don't have gates that are big enough for an XS vessel, but don't cost a fortune to make, and that aren't extremely difficult to find a place to put on a not M to L size ship.

What I'm primarily getting at here is that you can make gates using sliding doors, sure, but they don't have a few major functionalities that gates have. First of all, they do not fold up like the normal gates do. Additionally, making a gate with a bunch of doors means that it cannot be tested for airtightness in the future (when that's probably a thing), due to being different elements, at different angles, and therefore most likely having unfixable gaps. Lastly, sliding doors don't really look that good when it comes to something like a hangar door. The aesthetic they give off is not "this is a super heavy duty airlock mechanism", more of a "I am a thing you push out of the way because I'm a door".


Separate topic altogether, but folding doors, swinging doors, and of course gate-like compressing doors would be pretty cool too. The mor-doors the merrier. Ahem, but anyways, more gates when?

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yah.. pretty much more of everything please.
More plants, more trees, more furniture, more gates and a bunch of rollable, breadbox doors in different sizes, for sure.

Also, I want the ability for the avatar to crawl, Star Citizen style, so that I can open a small hatch and play in Jeffries Tubes.

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More and bigger with variation is a recurring theme for sure.

Luckily when it comes to gates you have some possibilities to make bigger openings. DU gates are usually wider then they are tall, so you can stack two of them to make a bigger opening together with a logic relay to make them act as one gate.

But the prices for gates are  uhmm.. prohibitive.

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I think the rectangular small/medium doors should be re-done, they are ugly. And yes some door options that open out/in/up/down/rollup instead of sliding, so you don't have to worry about pieces of the door sticking out when they are open.

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