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Had these random ideas on adding more life into the game. Any thoughts or other random ideas we can present to the dev team post them below. :)

Farming/Gardening Elements


Add in farming/gardening elements into the game. We already have the empty plant containers of small and medium size. Add in new sizes, grid of 4 and grid of 6. Require link to container holding planet soil/sand/etc. depending on the soil it grows a different plant. Require hydrogen and oxygen links to water it.

After 1 week, first stage of growth the model shows a sprout. 2nd week is next stage, halfway to full growth. 3rd week final stage of growth. If supply of hydrogen and oxygen runs out for more than a week the plant dies and model changes to a stick. Have the choice to harvest plant for plant matter or keep alive for decoration. Introduce later exotic plants that require soils from specific planets or moons. Different plants could require different growing times. 

Perhaps add a mini game of trimming the plants or adding fertilizer at specific time windows to get correct growth. Keep the larger sized gardening pods behind skill tree, need level 5 to place the 6 grid plot or level 5 to grow exotic plants. 


Gaseous Storage Elements


Add into the game gas storage containers for hydrogen and oxygen and potential new gases later on. They could use the same model as the atmo/space fuel tanks with a different skin. Storage capacity would be higher than in a container of similar size since it would be “compressed”.  


Geodes and Gems


So we know mining gems are teased as a way of making quanta coming up eventually. What if that was changed to be geodes instead. Where you need to take the geode to an industry unit to crack open to reveal the gems inside. Have skills that improve chance of getting rare expensive gems or T5 ore. Base level 1 is 5% rare gem/T5 ore up to 15% for level 5. Include a handling skill for the industry unit to further improve odds. You can either sell the geode for more than it’s possibly worth or take chance to open them. Have different types of geodes that provide different base ore when not a gem. 

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On 5/29/2021 at 3:22 AM, Sirix0787 said:

Add in farming/gardening elements into the game.

I’d love farming. But not now, they already have so much to work on. Maybe a DLC post release. You also have to determine what would be the point. Personally I’d have food. Not necessary as that takes away from the game for many, but optional and beneficial instead. What type of benefit, I have no idea. Maybe your talent training speed goes from 6/90 to higher with +1/+2 per tier of food used in the last 24 hrs or something. Add to the game by making it an advantage, rather than take away from the game making it compulsory. 

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