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DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 3 - Discussion Thread

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1 hour ago, mkahmvet said:

... the tipping point was losing my main testbed ship to a disconnect, despite an AGG.  That's not fun.  Going through the effort of repairing it did not sound even remotely fun. 

AGGs fall out of the sky sometimes. It’s a beta.


i wouldn’t completely give up on the game though. Maybe come back in six months, or even wait to give it a shot once it reaches release. 


Wish I had one but I’m to broke 😭

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And all of this to be completed by the end of the year? Why is NQ not coming clean and out by making it clear that release of the game will be pushed out   There is a lot in this blogpo

Discuss the final chapter of this series below!  What are you most looking forward to? 

If you make at least 50% what's written there in coming months, you saved your game.

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How will space territories work?

Whats the thought behind pushing atmos TW back in favor of getting space TW sooner?

Safezone asteroids... weren't asteroids going to be the one and only PVP incentive we have until TW comes out? You casually just taken a big chunk of that and thrown it into the safezone as everything else.. come on ;(

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So I've had a long break from playing DU, only thing I've done since the schematics stuff was brought in is log in and claim my free credits and queue up skills. Otherwise just don't have the time or energy to redo my factories with schematics until recently I thought I might put some work into it..... that is until NQ announces you aren't sure what you're doing with schematics. And there is no mention of power management mechanics either which is a shame.


I don't enjoy grinding for low tier ore, high tier ore is ok. So the mining units for owned territories at the very least for the basic tier ores would be great. Asteroid mining is another great mechanic though using the current planet mining tech for it doesn't make much sense to me but I guess we'll see what comes from that.


Space territories? I really hope this is well thought out because that will kill hauling and trading industry. What we can't fly through space because someone has a claim to it? Not very clear on that at all, can you please provide some further clarifications on this matter?



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On 4/20/2021 at 11:20 PM, CoyoteNZ said:

AGGs fall out of the sky sometimes. It’s a beta.


Well you would expect a bug that is there for almost two years to be atleast fixed as it is kinda gamebreaking for the individual who's AGG fails due to the bug.


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