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DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 3 - Discussion Thread

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1 hour ago, mkahmvet said:

... the tipping point was losing my main testbed ship to a disconnect, despite an AGG.  That's not fun.  Going through the effort of repairing it did not sound even remotely fun. 

AGGs fall out of the sky sometimes. It’s a beta.


i wouldn’t completely give up on the game though. Maybe come back in six months, or even wait to give it a shot once it reaches release. 


Wish I had one but I’m to broke 😭

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And all of this to be completed by the end of the year? Why is NQ not coming clean and out by making it clear that release of the game will be pushed out   There is a lot in this blogpo

Discuss the final chapter of this series below!  What are you most looking forward to? 

If you make at least 50% what's written there in coming months, you saved your game.

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How will space territories work?

Whats the thought behind pushing atmos TW back in favor of getting space TW sooner?

Safezone asteroids... weren't asteroids going to be the one and only PVP incentive we have until TW comes out? You casually just taken a big chunk of that and thrown it into the safezone as everything else.. come on ;(

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So I've had a long break from playing DU, only thing I've done since the schematics stuff was brought in is log in and claim my free credits and queue up skills. Otherwise just don't have the time or energy to redo my factories with schematics until recently I thought I might put some work into it..... that is until NQ announces you aren't sure what you're doing with schematics. And there is no mention of power management mechanics either which is a shame.


I don't enjoy grinding for low tier ore, high tier ore is ok. So the mining units for owned territories at the very least for the basic tier ores would be great. Asteroid mining is another great mechanic though using the current planet mining tech for it doesn't make much sense to me but I guess we'll see what comes from that.


Space territories? I really hope this is well thought out because that will kill hauling and trading industry. What we can't fly through space because someone has a claim to it? Not very clear on that at all, can you please provide some further clarifications on this matter?



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On 4/20/2021 at 11:20 PM, CoyoteNZ said:

AGGs fall out of the sky sometimes. It’s a beta.


Well you would expect a bug that is there for almost two years to be atleast fixed as it is kinda gamebreaking for the individual who's AGG fails due to the bug.


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Hello, first it is good to see that you acknowledge mistakes/problems/issues and work on fixing them. 
Before, I found these parts of the game:

mining - not enjoyable

flying - fun

crafting (with machines) - not quite fun, but pleasent enought distraction from mining.

building (ships) - kind of hard to build good looking ship that works well, but that is the way it should be. Not something I could to for long.

pvp - never got to it.

programing - never got to it (wanted to get to later on)

playing with people - most of the activities didnt seem like something made with being-done-as-a-group in mind.


After the schematic thingy, suddenly large part of the game was paywalled off (with ingame money, but still something our small org. couldnt deal with) So we stopped playing.

To me it seems like the schematicks should never have been needed for basic recipies. 

While yes, that system will need rework, I think removing schematics for basic (1st tier) items and parts and making the uncommon ones reasonably cheap, while buffing the more advaced ones would be a “quick” fix. 
Maybe formula of +10% for each (positive) stat of the item (like engine) with +30% for its specialization    for each “rarity tier” could be something to go of.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I would hope that they might show us in more detail what they talked about here with some samples or another trailer maybe (last trailer was in january)

PVP currently is still broken btw, no comments or updates on fixing anything either. 
-Gunner dmg report log only shows 3.5 lines instead of the 10 it used to

-Gunner target lock no longer highlights current target and closes the drop down for locked target's info by default. You have to double click to re highlight it again and if you press insert to reload your containers you have to do it all over again.

-Gunner logs showing 100% misses but still doing damage to locked ship

-Gunner reloads needing multiple clicks to perform single click actions (reloading/start-stop shooting)

-Gunner randomly loosing lock still isnt fixed

-Gunner talents still seem dysfunctional and giving false readouts

-DESYNC (this one is so unbearable. ships existing and doing completely different things than what you see is a game killer. This one needs to be addressed for a "single shard" universe to function)

-Default core viewing limit, ships can now sneak up on you due to the massive amounts of constructs in the area, invisible space cores that are in your flight path that your radar wont even load now due to all the constructs nearby.

-Docked XS res node cores inside ships to bypass the player death on core kill of main ship. Causing the ships to still be in motion and not recoverable due to players respawning and keeping it moving.

-Voxels damage causing so much lag people get disconnected and can't even load the game to get back in. 

All these issues currently affect the game, none are addressed or even acknowledged by NQ

I wish there was a person in charge of pvp content, I dont want to wait another 5 months for simple fixes like player disconnects from game if you get a player kill (I was dealing with this for so long we were debating letting enemy players shoot us and disconnect on purpose so we can shoot them for a minute while they had to log back in) 

PVP doesn't seem to be a priority to NQ and I can't be bothered to recommend this game to my friends when i tell them I have to contact my enemies in discord to get a fight or sit in pvp space randomly for 3-4 hours hoping someone can see me and come out. I wish they would spawn in their own ships on the live server and test them there instead of the dedicated servers they use to film these fake pvp trailers that we all know wont work like that. 

 There is no way shape or form the game behaves like this. Its scripted footage and I feel lied to at this point. Not seeing a shred of consistency from NQs comments about pvp in this game. 

"its a beta" is the common excuse, as they ban people who exploit in the game for some reason, rather than just undo-ing the damage they do. Everyone's mad still over free million dollar schematics and there's no ramifications. Double standards. As long as enough people exploit it will be OK because it will be too much work for NQ to fix. Meanwhile I get new rocks and trees and the voxels textures look lame and boring now. Thanks for tweeting out my ship on twitter, you guys didnt even notice all the pics are pre voxel decay patch and now my ship looks nothing like that.

Charge me a subscription, give me poor customer service and a dysfunctional game with specific ramifications unless enough people do it with you, and then remain silent on game progression or current game direction as you put in new ore textures and dont tell anyone. And you wonder why you guys struggle to maintain a playerbase thats happy with the game. Most of my friends are gone and soon I will move on too. 


The least you guys at NQ could do is give us a reason to pvp. Asteroids/wrecks/missions and not new ore texture. Get your priorities straight lol.

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My faith in NQ being capable to follow through in their words is 0 as they kind of just do w/e they want and were along for the ride regardless. Our feedback seems to fall on deaf ears and if you don't believe me, just look at how long it took them to work out the problems with market 6.

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The longer they go without doing something dramatic, the less faith I have they will turn this game around.  Sad, it was fun for the first 3 years or so - until 0.23.  Now we get partial implementation of patch releases and promises they will be looking at docking someday.


I was hoping the JC change would bring NQ organizational approach changes, but that hope is fading fast.

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22 minutes ago, FrigoPorco said:

I'll say it again....THIS GAME NEEDS PvE...DESPERATELY! PvP has failed. Now it's a resource gathering/building game. PvE is badly needed!


I almost want to agree that pvp is beyond what they are capable of. Speaking to them directly and they addressed the bull shit pvp trailer its a goal "where we want to be" so its not really false if thats what they are shooting for...

like I cant even. Post that pvp footage when its actually there, not some dream goal of a company that got millions of dollars to make a video game and miss its own deadline by 2 years. no thanks


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2 hours ago, FrigoPorco said:

I'll say it again....THIS GAME NEEDS PvE...DESPERATELY! PvP has failed. Now it's a resource gathering/building game. PvE is badly needed!


They need to fix the combat engine first. PvE would be just as painful under the current system.


A recent post believes the problem is keeping up to date with the damage caused to the voxels. 


Maybe they need to 

- limit (more) the guns per seat

- dramatically slow down fire rates

- shields, less voxel damage, just a strength reduction 


to help?

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