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So you wanna "fix" lua problems?


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Yeah, cause ability to have cool lua screen animations is what should be priority right? That's what everyone wants/needs most. 


I guess if they break the previous standard it does mean a lot of old screens stop working so in a way it might help a bit when tones of those screens at market now do nothing... assuming the broken code just stops loading and rendering.


if your priority is lua screen lag, how abou a toggle for "only load my lua and NQ lua", and/or "my, my org, and NQ lua"


All these lua features and screens are SUPER NEAT guys... but you know what would actually help save the game..... fix the GAME aspect


The whole premise of having such advanced and intricate in game programming that auto loads for all players, and is executed client side on every users box just fundamentally has performance issues... 


You know why web pages work? Cause I only load the sites I want, one at a time.. if I open to many tabs my computer will lag and eventually implode. 


The same principle applies to contructs and voxels.


You cant just keep trying to distract everyone from the fundamental issues..




-No game mechanics, less fun than my day job


-Broken economy


-Killed the free building experience and didnt even get the civ building you wanted


-Your skills tree doesnt create orgs and civs if people can just create an army of alt slaves... a supply chain of many player have to split the profit between each specialized player, but one guy with alts can just undercut them in market so much they make almost nothing per player when they split their profits 


-Legacy of bugs/exploits built into a massive wealth inequality



If your goal is to solve lua screen lag.. just let me toggle off other people's lua


But clearly it wasnt lag.. it was "hey. Let's improve the rendering quality of the screen so people can create even cooler animations that no one else will ever see because we refuse to address our core issues"


Seriously... are they just playing this game in house connected directly to server with high end computers and 0 local latency thinking "what will make my local network play experience better?

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Yup.  This game is a mix of an unfinished space MMO, and Second Life (or VR Chat, or any other 'social creative space'). The latter facing similar issues to the screen lag, and they address it by allowing the player to disable other player's 'effects' from appearing on their screen as they cause lag, and/or griefing issues.  It is almost like the vast majority of problems they face could have been predicted by having experience in the MMO gaming industry.  Which is why I see a mountain of issues this game will face in the future.

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