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                  The Feli blockade occupied by the AC forces was an overwhelming success and the operation is concluded. With all refugees and stranded ships rescued and brought to Alioth markets for repairs, we breathe a sigh of relief. The surrounding space of Feli had been unregulated space since the landing of the ark ship, until now. We had many ships challenge the AC military, from blockade runners to capital warships from many of the more influential organizations as well as some newer companies. More recently Empire and Penrose joined forces to challenge the blockade, with another fleet battle earlier with Justin Grim in command as well. Havoc and BOO were no where to be seen during this event, the skull armada silent. The blockade was breached at one point by the infamous Sneaky Snake pirate, he was able to break through the blockade and escape successfully. However many other ships tried to run the blockade and were met with extreme and lethal force, including smaller bandits and no permit smugglers.


                   A total of 4 Large core ships, 6 Medium core ships, and 14 Small and Extra Small ships were shot down and recovered within Feli space despite our open warnings on all vessels.  We placed space cores all around the Feli planet's combat zones to alert local ships of the boundary limits in place as there was warning to anyone caught outside in AC controlled space. A total of 7 Strategic positions were constantly monitored as well as others around the moon and back side of the planet. We used a total of 34 Ships owned by Atom, Hyperion, Shield, ATS, HOZ, TNS, Zenith Corp, and DSI. Our members flew home exhausted and ready for shore leave as we were rotating shifts to maintain the blockade at all times. The AC leaves Feli space, a now much safer and pirate free zone. However they will return and when they do, so will we. 

Regards, AC Military




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Campers are tired of guarding the Feli safe-zone 🤣
It doesn't look like a Feli blockade. I thought they would chase us, but they didn't, they stayed to guard the safe zone. We went back to Feli and repeated it, nobody followed us. This cannot be called a blockade.

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3 minutes ago, FuriousPuppy said:

I mean chasing for 30 SU and not having you on radar is suffice for me, people coming out at max speed in a random direction in a gold brick are going to get through sneaky lol

if you have 9g you can easily reach 30k speed and follow to the target. I'm sure you have more than 9g.

You may not be as experienced at high speeds.

Your fleet must be able to do this to catch haulers at this speed.

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1 minute ago, SneakySnake said:

if you have 9g you can easily reach 30k speed and follow to the target. I'm sure you have more than 9g

again, not the issue im trying to point out. once you get off radar, we can only fly in a straight line and hope you pop up again. after flying for 30 SU and not seeing you on radar, we gave up and went back. Maybe you can try to make a blockade and we will try to run it ❤️

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"BOOs dead?", by ELX987:


the AC once liked BOO, now we are dead

the AC once simped BOO, now they want sylvas head

these comments? "BOO is dead"?

its all puppy, i guess he forgot his meds


and the war bells started up


the AC tooted their horn, Fuckery and all

their commanders boarded their vessels, saying: "we will never fall"

the AC missed however one very big thing

we pirates always have that inner golden bling


and the war bells sped up


the AC has ships of iron and steel

good looks and probably good feel

always trying to make those highlight reels

NQ loves the AC, their money is a meal


and the war bells kept raising up


we bunch just like to think big

we dont put our ideas under a wig

and we dont make newbies go for surface nodes

we just put our warriors into savage mode


and the war bells kept full swing up


because ill be honest here esse

what ive heard the tweety bird say

you still like us, and thats ok

but were still gonna blast you, aint no other way


and the war bells went higher up


oh, and one last thing

and this will complete your hotline bling

unless we have a reason, we are dead

and yes, i meant what i said.


and the warbells stopped.



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