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Better Org RDMS


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I did not see a way to post into upvote and did not see this feature suggestion there or here.

It would be nice in the RDMS to be able to target Org Legates vs Org as a whole. Currently you have to manage rights by creating an actor that contains multiple members and adding/removing people from that. If you could target Org Legates in addition to the org that would keep Org leadership from having to create somewhat convoluted RDMS rules.


Bonus points if we could have multiple levels in the org beyond just "member", "legate", and "super legate". And be able to target those from the RDMS. That way as people progress in an org you would have the ability to grant access based on the level of progress somewhat automatically.

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Yip, have two levels of org membership. Org owner, one. Org member everybody else.


the have Every option that a super currently have be an option in RDMS


then you can just make different groups via RDMS and add/remove people as needed.


currently their are two many useful abilities that only Legates can do, but giving them the rank gives them so many other rights at the same time

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