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Network Error


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[Network fatal error] http error, 0 tries remaining
Lost HTTP connection. Disconnecting player

I have tried

uninstall - reinstall twice

end ipv 6

change to google dns

change password


I get the error while loading into the game around 80%

I was playing the game earlier where it crashed because i ran out of disk space.

i deleted the cache like and idiot instead of useing the ingame tool.   but any problem from that should have been fixed with the reinstalls 

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On 2/9/2021 at 11:39 PM, Crazyhorse68 said:

Did you ever get helped with this. I am getting it now and can't get anyuone on discord as it sayd I do not have permission to chat there...


Make a ticket.  I don't have discord, so I use the ticket and have gotten help twice now, within 24 hours.  

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