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Schematics in it's current iteration - What is the point?


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I am not sure if this is the proper sub-forum for this:


What is the point of having "Schematics" versus "Recipies"?


Will there be any more such "fun-breaking" changes in the future?


I am really not happy about the need having to baby-sit the factory and wasting reallife time for something like this.



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I'm pretty much waiting for something to sell or get the daily bonus money (150,000), just so I can buy 20 or so schematics so that I can actually build a ship.  I log in, buy a few, maybe do some mining, then log out until I can afford another schematic I need.  I get the idea for schematics but this was implemented poorly.  If you have the item already built or in your possession, you should be able to make a schematic for it.  This latest update killed the game for me, I like to build and mine and was hoping to build a market of my own eventually.  Do I not only burn a ton of time building and assembling items, now I have to wait until I have all the schematics I need?  

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