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In-Game Event: Search For The GO_D ST__

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“A sensor on the Arkship has picked up an ancient beacon from a ship. Her detected name is incomplete: “GO_D ST__”. 




I come to you today with intriguing news: we’ve been alerted to some kind of signal from what appears to be a ship. 🤔

This time, however… something feels… different. New. Odd. There’s a tingle in our collective space suits. This whole thing feels... simultaneously mysterious and exciting with a touch of, dare I say it, danger! 😎

If you’re ready to embark on an all-new journey in search of loot and levity, we encourage you to suit up and head out and find the first clue.

That’s all, folks. Good luck out there...

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5 hours ago, Astrodisiac said:

Hmmm doesn't seem this game is for any sort of casual player....wonder if it is noninclusive events like this that turned so many off already.

I’m a casual player and I love this game!! Also, this event looks really inclusive of the players.

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pretty casual myself, game actually lends itself well to casual players and solo play, allot of the people i know on here function alone or in just groups of 2 or 3 and they do very well for themselves, as for this event though, i feel I wont be able to participate much at this stage simply because I feel this will be a massive war zone and i dont have any ships ready for exploring in the middle of a war zone, perhaps once we get more stealth options though.

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From: Captain LaMarr


This mission is classified. Standard Military encryption applies.


We are en route to meet the FDe0dKgHzum96/JFahfTt2TyWV0L0vX+z6pcOya9e4U= fleet and transfer freight onboard, then return it to the shipyard.


Rendez-vous point is 18Ah3k7oO4wCAZ5LKrxG7RFldkzHvgnceKTyAwLVHiZ83U9rdUZ9/g+00FjTSYJE


The content of the shipment was not disclosed to the crew. I can only hope that it will help change the course of events.



I didn't find the text anywhere so I typed it up.


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