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A question of power


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Posted to the correct forum this time ;) 


Clearly, with NQ at least talking of energy management it's something that is coming but we have no idea how this will work and it appears nether has NQ yet really as they have pretty much said it's still in the "thinking about it" phase.


Here's how I could see power and energy work in DU:


Territory unit:

Has a built in power generator which is extremely efficient and can run a long time on a relative limited fuel supply. Once fuel runs out, it will be able to stay active for some time before it starts to decay. Once it decays below 50% the protective impact to static constructs on the tile will end and those can be attacked without the need to destroy the Territory unit. When power drops below 25% it becomes relatively simple to destroy the unit. Once destroyed, a 24H window/timer will provided a means for defenders to arrange such defense on a tile.


Static Constructs:

The core has a limited power supply relative to it's size which runs relatively efficient buit not as efficient as a TU will. As long as the core has power reserves it will boost the constructs HP value making it (very) hard to breach a construct which can only be done to begin with if the TU on the tile is destroyed or below 50% power. Players can place batteries to increase the constructs power capacity and use fuel or solar power to recharge the batteries which in turn recharge the core if it runs out of fuel (or is not fueled at all). As long as the core has power it will prevent dynamic constructs docked to (as permitted through RDMS)  it from being vulnerable to attack.


Space cores will have a similar mechanic but obviously without he dependency on a TU


Dynamic constructs:

The core has a more limited power supply relative to it's size which runs less efficient than a static core of the same size. It has limited capacity for additional power capacity through  batteries, which can be recharged trough the engines on the construct being used. By itself the power supply on a dynamic core offers no protection like a static core does.



What does the above achieve:

  • TU upkeep and maintenance with a decay timer
  • Protection for territory and constructs placed on it
  • Timers for attacks (a vulnerability window like EVE citadels have could be considered on Static constructs)
  • Limit what can be placed on a construct depending on power capacity


and more I have no doubt..

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I want inefficient nitrogen generators

I want efficient but smoky Kergon Generators

I want clean but costly Xeron Generators

I want green options like Solar and Wind

I want to dig a W km hole, make L cores all the way down and have a clean baseline thermal generator.


But most importantly I want to be able to export power from on core to another. I don’t care if it is power lines or one of sight power transmitters. I want to be able to make power stations and send/sell the power around the hex or maybe even further.


maybe I play Sim City to much?

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56 minutes ago, BaileyVandenbroek said:

I don't want TCUs on Alioth to be related to Energy management

Yes! I want my megafactory which is 100% safe to not use any energy either so that I can produce stuff 24/7, 100% safe, with no risk and no energy cost too! Gotta have to be cheaper then those ppl who produce stuff outside the safezone. Content generating plebs, yuck 

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11 hours ago, BaileyVandenbroek said:

I don't want TCUs on Alioth to be related to Energy management

Why not?


The currently understood idea of an arbitrary and random value added to a tile determining the energy output of a tile is frankly speaking a cop out solution which adds nothing to the game and potentially will force many big constructs to have to be moved unless NQ goes in and manually tweaks the number to accommodate the big orgs by giving them better values on their tiles. 


Having an element bases energy system is more complex sure, but adds so much in gameplay and possible impact on warfare and the need to protect your assets.

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