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DevBlog: The Maneuver Tool and Disconnecting Ships - DUscussion thread

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If I can't maneuver tool the voxel board that Yeeted itself 10km away back to my base, then what do I do? Fix game breaking bugs before nerfing the tools we would use to compensate for those bugs.

1) I pursue ship in PVP.   2) He logs off (instantly stops).   3) I slow down, turn around, approach it.   4) He logs back in and is flying at 30,000 km/h away from me wh

Maybe you should actually fix the AGG ships falling out of the sky before you introduce this change.  Some of us use this as a workaround to that particular bug, and this will make AGG more or less wo

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On 12/4/2020 at 5:04 AM, XKentX said:

Nothing in the game is "hard" to be honest. All the "hard" is either boring or just a time-sink.


You get the landing part like after 2-3 times you do it. You will still crash from time to time as you feel overconfident and try to do it faster but that's nothing compared to the amount of crashes due to bugs/glitches etc.


It seems if you stand up from your chair while flying in atmo, if you sit back in, the wings stop working and you just smash to the ground. Alt+f4 is "workaround" for this kind of bugs but it's being taken away.

If you fly at high speed in space, if you stand up you have very little chance on getting back into chair without script error and game crash if you try to reconfigure the chair. Alt+f4 was stopping it. Post-patch no idea how I am supposed to stop the ship when it unloads parts of it in front of my face.


Ship still controlable with script error due to missing element, simply slow down as normal, that one annoys me due to loss of radar display but i have never resorted to alt-f4. 


Vast majority of people crashing is due to their own faults not bugs, nearly everyone someone says they are alt-f4ing its because they have come in too fast and heavy, actually get annoying when testing the limits of new ships i have people asking why i am not alt-f4ing when risking crashing. 

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Bugs are my biggie.  Today I reconnected to continue doing some territory scanning and the ship felt "funny".  Realized I didn't have a gyro displayed.  Log out and back in and it reappeared.  If I had been moving fast, that likely would not have ended well.


Squash the bugs, make the game stable, then wean us off our crutches.

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Ship suddenly starts veering to starboard at Max Yaw Rate. Cannot turn left at ALL.  ship with 2kT of cargo cargo is now starting to point at right angles to the motion vector, depriving primary lift surfaces of forward velocity. 

ship starts to fall unrecoverably. Now with element and cargo destruction to look forward to.  

Luckily I have Alt-F4 to put a stop to those coding shenanigans!  Oh wait....

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I have lost count how many times I have had to leave and reenter my ships multiple times to try and get scripts and control inputs working as they should etc. It is especially fun when your ship has a mental breakdown, just as you are about to enter atmosphere or at some crucial stage when landing. So it is way, way to early for NQ to be removing Alt+F4, restricting move tool etc. when things like this keep happening.

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About maneuver tool.
The substantial change is that ships will no longer hang in mid-air.


This will create a critical docking problem.

Currently, if you try to dock a ship on top of another you will have to make several attempts before you succeed.
If the larger ship is suspended in midair, what will happen by doing the docking test (to verify that it worked) is that the large ship will automatically move down.

The point is that if the large ship is in contact with the ground, it will begin to vibrate entering a loop that not infrequently will make the ship explode (I suppose it happens because it creates a potential speed that is self-powered and in two / three seconds it reaches a such speed for which it is as if the ship crashes at maximum speed. In fact "every" element explodes.).


If you introduce this change to the maneuvering tool, I suggest more docking tests to make it perfect, because you could create a HUGE problem for many players trying to solve others.
I'm not actually against editing, but you have to make sure the docking is perfect or tweak it to be.


Update: I have read that the changes have now been made and will arrive in days.
I advise ALL players to do numerous docking tests before they end up with entire capital ships disintegrated.

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If the maneuver tool is being nerfed before desynch issues are fixed, then what are players supposed to do when ships decide to start moving around on their own? They can go from being landed on a space station to plummeting towards a planet, or landed near a base or mining spot and drifting away rapidly, and the only way to stop and return them is often with the maneuver tool.


Fix the problems that make the tool most useful first, then do the adjustments to the tool's abilities after.

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On 11/25/2020 at 3:34 PM, JohnnyTazer said:

No. Not until AGG is balanced.  When it requires fuel cells.to run, then they can make it work. Until then it needs to be disabled anyway.

well, Im at the point where I need to transport 30 tons a day :( AGG makes it so I can do it AFK even if it takes longer. wait 30 minutes to get into space, wait 30 minutes to get back down. If anyone has atmosphere autopilot that would be my substitute.

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On 12/2/2020 at 3:35 PM, HellToupee said:


Um no, due to bugs or game stablity maybe sure but saying you need a crutch because something is hard is the worse possible reason to justify it. 

I just think new players are going to have a really bad time. They will build their first ship, make a few mistakes, and boom their goes their elements. Plus, being a new player, they probably won't have t3+ scrap on them. They will be miserable. 

Maybe this is what they're going for though- hard, unforgiving system. But not givign these new astronauts any tutorials is going to fork them right over. Just not realistic too me. Wont be a good experience for new players.

Newbies need a crutch; many are not trying to become expert astronauts

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T1 scrap is good enough for your first ship, my first interplantary trips were taken in a ship built in my nano crafter from surface ores T1 scrap wouldnt take long to repair the entire thing learn to fly in a ship you can afford to crash then step up to a larger one when you are confident that is progression

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