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Links between constructs.


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We need to have links which work across constructs. 

Purpose would be transfer of cargo, refueling and potentially in the future data transfer.


Provided (and that is a _big_ if, I know) NQ has done their homework and has designed constructs with an object oriented internal relational structure this really should not be that hard to achieve.


Base construct named "MainBase" has two containers named "Fuel" and "Offload"

"Fuel" has three types of fuel stored, "Kergon-X1, Kergon-X3, Nitron" and RDMS set to offer fuel at a set price when requested

"Offload" has RDMS set to "put in container" only for non legates of the org the base belongs to.


A dynamic construct name "Hauler" arrives and docks on the assigned platform.

A transfer element on the base connects to the transfer element on the ship as soon as it is docked

The pilot opens the transfer element on the ship and sees Fuel.MainBase as providing refueling services and Offload.MainBase as available storage.

Pilot connects "Fuel.MainBase" to "SpaceTank.Hauler" and gets notification correct fuel type is available as he uses X3, he is offered buying fuel at 20 Quanta per L and asks to receive 1000L

Pilot connects "Cargo1.Hauler" to "Offload.MainBase" and transfers content which he needs to deliver to the base and on completion of transfer is paid for delivery



The above should really not be hard to implement at all and will greatly enhance options and possible gameplay, especially when this all hooks into mission system/contracts and org operations.



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