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Extra Life 2020


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Good evening Noveans,


This weekend, people from near and far will be participating in Extra Life, and we'd love to showcase (and support!) our DU players that will be streaming. ❤️

What is Extra Life?


"It all started with a little girl in Orange, Texas. Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $70 million USD for sick and injured kids. Right now, children's hospitals need YOUR support. Be a hero. Sign up today and raise funds for the Children's Hospitals COVID - 19 Impact Fund."


Essentially, it's all about playing games to raise money to help sick kidsA pretty worthwhile endeavor, if you ask us!  :) 

How can I participate?

If you'd like to sign up officially, click HERE. Once you've registered, tell your friends! Spread the word, raise some money, and enjoy the community.


What's going on in DU?

We're glad you asked! ;) It just so happens that a streamer known as gottchar has a really neat charity raffle lined up for those interested!

For more information straight from the source, you can check out his Reddit post about it. You can also go straight to his donation page on Extra Life featured HERE - you'll want to keep this link handy, because...

- You will need to donate in order to participate in this player's raffle
- You must provide this awesome player with your Discord name and/or in-game name so he has some way to connect your donation to you (in other words, make sure he can verify you)

And that's that, for now! If any of you have any other streamers/donation pages you'd like to share, we encourage you to post them here in this thread. ?



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Hey there, 
saturday afternoon (EU) and likely the whole day and night I do a charity. There will be some activities and of course a big raffle.

Plenty of people donated so we got lots of stuff to give away, what we need now is people joining and wanting to get some of it!


Ristlin dontates two of her destiny II ships: 

https://du-creators.org/makers/Dream Designs by Ristlin/ship/Destiny II - Cargo Edition


And even a destiny III with AGG:

https://du-creators.org/makers/Dream Designs by Ristlin/ship/Destiny III - Cargo Edition


Xennon threw in a whole bunch of S and XS haulers. Visit his showroom via VR as this picture doesnt even include them all:



SmokingChaos gave us one of his shiny Buzzsaws, if you ever want to do something, anything, but it has to happen FAST:

https://du-creators.org/makers/SmokingChaos/ship/SCS Buzzsaw


I am giving away a copy of my "Spruce Goose" heavy S-core hauler, highest cargo mass so far 2.8kt into space from alioth. Screw style, the goose can lift. 

There will be different pots, each pot will include more and more items as more money is collected. best and worst case scenario is I have to add some of my own currently used ships.




Pot A : 20$ and up (17€, 27AUD, please check rest yourself)

Will start with the "Destiny III", every 60$ in the pot will add the following in order:  

* Spruce Goose
* beta key (donated by Angrydadgaming)
* Destiny II
* Thunderstruck anal power
* beta key (donated by Ricktriessomevideogames)
* Destiny II
* Pack of 3 scanners or an XL gate, alternating


Pot B : 5$ - 20$ will start with a "Cicada", every 20$ in the pot will add the following in order:

* Powerbeard F12 Redhawk Stryker
* Hawkmoth
* Powerbeard F12 Redhawk Stryker
* Scarab
* Powerbeard F12 Redhawk Stryker
* Strider
* Powerbeard F12 Redhawk Stryker
* Warpdrives, lots of warp drives


Pot  C : 1$ - 5$ will start with a "SCS Buzzsaw", every 3$ in the pot will add the following in order:

* Black N yellow Pocketrocket
* Dragonfly H
* Dragonfly A
* Black N yellow Pocketrocket
* Bumblebee H
* Hornet
* Black N yellow Pocketrocket
* Dragonfly A
* Bumblebee A
* Black N yellow Pocketrocket
* Murder Hornet
* Wasp
* Black N yellow Pocketrocket
* Wasp
* Black N yellow Pocketrocket
* (Likely more of the Xennon ships because I screwed up with the parts)
* Support packs (2x each brake L, verts L, wings L, adjustors L) and Military L engines, alternating

The VR-pod location is called "Charity event location Gottchar" if you want to have a look around. Feel free to visit my factory if your hardware supports it (you have been warned).


If you want to contribute DU items or services (would be nice to get those ships boosted) please contact me via discord (Gottchar).


Money will be donated via extra-life.org, make sure to use my donation link and include your DU-Name and if possible discord name or other way to reach you. 



Hope to see you saturday



PS: I am not allowed to advertise it in the discord outside of the content creator channel which sees little traffic. So if somebody feels like mentioning it, I would be grateful!

(some ships may need a few days to be ready/cleaned, check out what is on site via VR pod)

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Total amount donated: 1100$


A pot winners (the pot with the most swapping opportunity, dear winners pls ask if somebody wants to swap)

Destiny III: Gondhar

Spruce Goose: Gunner_RageBlackout

Beta key (AngryDadGaming): fpsrawb (Crazymakers used it for you)

Destiny II: MarshallSills

Thunderstruck Anal Power: PlayThePlanet

Beta Key (Donated by Rick): Maceon

Destiny II: CrazyMakers


Chinsweater fuel refinery: Narkcast

3 Scanners: DaChris

XL Gate: DJU

3 Scanners: SBesty

XL Gate: DingoX3Gamer


B pot winners

Cicada: Jackcrash

Powerbeard F12 Redhawk Stryker: Maceon

Hawkmoth: Styles

Powerbeard F12 Redhawk Stryker: Shamsie

Scarab: DingoX3gamer

Powerbeard F12 Redhawk Stryker: Danoweb

Strider: PlayThePlanet


C pot winners:

Buzzsaw: DJU

Black N Yellow pocket rocket: Maceon

Dragonfly H: PlaythePlanet

Dragonfly A: Gunner_Rageblackout

Black N Yellow pocket rocket: Charlemagen

Bumblebee H: DingoX3Gamer

Hornet: Blackcat

Black N Yellow pocket rocket: Jackcrash

Dragonfly A: Marshall Sills

Bumblebee A: RickTriesSomeVideoGames (Rawb picked it up for you)

Black N Yellow pocket rocket: Redlight

Murder Hornet: Gondhar

Wasp: K3rmit

Black N Yellow pocket rocket: Gunner_RageBlackout

Wasp: K3rmit

Black N Yellow pocket rocket: Maceon

Support stuff pack: PlayThePlanet

mil L atmo engine: Gondhar

Support stuff pack: RickTriesSomeVideoGames (Rawb picked it up for you)

mil L atmo engine: DJU

Support stuff pack: Redlight

mil L atmo engine: Blackcat

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