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Return of the Wrecks! (Salvaging is back!)

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Gather your friends, empty out the cargo bay, and bring some snacks: it’s road trip time!  We’re pleased to announce the return of wrecks to Dual Universe. 


In case you missed it the first time around, wrecks are an exciting new game play element for the adventurous miner. Scattered around the known universe are the long lost wrecks of ancient ships and transports. How they got there is a mystery, but they are valuable resources that can be salvaged for core elements and materials.

There are over 100 ships to be found on unclaimed tiles. Once a wreck has been salvaged, its resources do not replenish, so you have a limited time to mine them. Dive in game NOW before it's too late!



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1 hour ago, NQ-Naerais said:

Definitely looking into what we can do with them :)

maybe like lesser value wrecks in the safe zone areas and higher value wrecks in pvp space so people fight over them

instead of ships, make them station cores so they cant be moved around or stolen unless completly looted

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