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LUA Visual Studio Plugin


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I there, i am actually working on a Dual universe LUA sandbox.  I dont think you will find something else like it.   But it i have to finish it.  Some importants features are still missing.


Its a work on progress but very functional actually.


You use any editor you want (i use notebad++) and you only have to press RUN to reload. And you will be able to export it to json also.


All elements are fully functional


Timers work


Fully functionnal databases wich can be administrated using a small internal SQL database (H2).


Work real time.


System.Output window with some debuging functions


Screens are fully compatible with svg. And the result is very close to  DU (still few glitchs 😫)


You can fully setup internal databases (player/constructs) and customize your environment with a Preload file using LUA (easy to do, anyway there some samples).


It come with a bunch of tutorial scripts to learn some of the basic of dual universe (hello world, databanks, screens, emitters, buttons)


The mouse events are fully functionnal (You can click on the screen and get mouse positions)


Some majors functions are still missing (screen widgets and few elements), actually, the navigator return dummy values,  but its a work on progress. 


And...  most of all... It will be open source!


Have a nice day







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