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Now available: In-game 2D Voxel Planner/Builder

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Attention: I found errors in the voxel board distributed prior to 11/5/21. I've replaced all the blueprints at the Objective Driveryards container, but you can easily repair existing installations. The procedure is to select and copy an existing voxel on the board, press 'R' to reflect the voxel, press Shift-R to rotate the voxel, 90 degrees clockwise, and then replace the erroneous voxel by shift-click pasting. Note that as you overlay the error voxel with the correct voxel you will see the slight difference between the two.
The voxels to copy and the location of the corresponding erroneous voxel follows with the first value being the row (counted down from the top of the board), and column (counted from the left most column). So voxel 1,1 is the upper left most voxel on the board. These are the voxels that need correcting:
6,2 -> 2,6
7,2 -> 2,7
7,3 -> 3,7
8,2 -> 2,8
8,3 -> 3,8
If you prefer, feel free to grab a new blueprint from Objective Driveryards. In any event, destroy the current blueprint and if you have repaired the voxel board you should also create a new blueprint. Sorry for the trouble.

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