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Marketplace Performance Improvements

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Hello Noveans,


We realize that the districts currently represent a performance bottleneck, as they are a choke point between markets, institutes and the starting zone for new players. Even though we have identified performance improvements that should help solve these issues, we have decided to make some immediate changes to prevent these issues from affecting the performance for new players, until we are able to roll out these improvements.
So we are making some temporary changes such as relocating many of the services you have come to know and expect in the districts: 

  • New Stand Alone Markets will be moved approx. 2km from the associated district. 
  • All pending orders will be transferred to the new market building. 
  • All institutes will be removed from districts on Alioth and Sanctuary. 
  • A new single Institute will be created near the Arkship. 
  • Transport stations will be placed at all Districts to be able to get to the Institutes. 


The institutes appear to be a heavy driver of performance issues, by removing them from higher traffic areas we hope to provide a better market experience for players overall. 


Players who log out on one of the affected construct buildings may find themselves in a new location when returning post maintenance. We recommend bookmarking important places and construct locations. 


As always, we appreciate your patience while we work, and welcome your feedback on the changes and performance improvements once complete.  We expect these changes will occur over the next few update cycles during October. 


The Novaquark Team

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