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Help shape the future of DU with the new Feature Upvote!

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As we’ve often said in the past, the community is at the heart of what we're doing here at Novaquark. Dual Universe is an MMO and as such, it's a living, breathing game that is destined to evolve and grow over the course of many years.


We already have several key gameplay pillars implemented and more features are coming. We have so many ideas… The key is to prioritize content by considering our development resources carefully.


We would like to empower our community to help drive the future of Dual Universe by actively participating in voting on the prioritization of future features and the suggestion of others! We’re pleased to announce the release of our Feature Upvote which can be found here: upvote.dualuniverse.game.


It's important to note that though it's intended to give us insight into the direction of how our community would like to see the game evolve, we can’t guarantee all content will be added to the game! This new tool also replaces our old Trello board, if you will. While we continue fixing bugs, we look forward to seeing what new features the community has in mind to make DU an even better experience!


At the top of the dedicated page, you will see an explanation of the tags applied to the items on the list:

  • Pinned: This feature is currently in active development or will soon be and doesn’t require further voting.
  • Planned: This feature may already be in our roadmap and be released at a future date.
  • Under Consideration: This feature may or may not be implemented depending on its popularity. Pinned and Planned features take priority first.
  • Multifaceted: This feature will most likely be divided into smaller parts and be delivered in several batches over a period of time.
  • High Dev Cost: A large feature that will halt development time which could be used toward other key features. Select it carefully.
  • Medium Dev Cost: An intermediate difficulty feature by Dual Universe’s standards that could be completed faster than Long Term/High Dev Cost features.
  • Low Dev Cost: No wildly complicated development is apparently involved in this feature and it has the opportunity to be implemented faster than the previous methods mentioned (but not right away either).

Our community is important to us and to the future of DU. We’re listening and want to continue to include you in our development each and every step of the way.
We hope you'll appreciate this new way of providing feedback and we can't wait to see what our amazing community will bring to our table! Your new ideas will appear after thorough review by the Novaquark staff (but not all of them will make it to the board), so stay tuned. Whether you've been a community member for a long time or you’ve just recently joined us, your support means the world to us and we thank you!


The Novaquark Team

Full Article:  https://www.dualuniverse.game/news/help-shape-the-future-of-du-with-the-new-feature-upvote

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Hello Noveans, 


We are aware of some concerns regarding the voting site tally system. Our team has temporarily disabled the site to allow us to fully investigate the situation with our service provider. 


At this time we have no additional news, but want to assure everyone that the vote is not absolute, and is only used as a suggestion for the direction we will take going forward. 


Thank you for your patience while we work. 


The Novaquark Team 

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