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Org player time usage

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Choosing the right org can make a big difference to your playing experience.


There needs to be a couple more tools to assist with this.


1. Usage breakdown. A graph showing how many players from the org are on at various times of the day would assist so you can see if your timezone or play time overlaps well with a potential Org. I’m from New Zealand so I’m completely of kilter with the US players play time.


2. Member turnover. A monthly report of number of new members and the number of members who left an org. An org with a high level of people leaving it every month may be an indication of bad or toxic management, while a org who has not many new members may indicate stable or no longer actively expanding


3. Number of members active vs non active each month. Member numbers doesn’t matter if most of the members joined on day one of beta and quit on day two to never come back. A break down of the percentage of idle vs active members over the last month would help.

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