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Idea. Rank system for items.


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Rank system for items.
- Ranks can be from 1 to 10 levels.
- The higher the rank of the item, the more its effectiveness.
- Higher rank item can be obtained by combining
items of rank of the same level, or 1 item with a high rank
level and 1 item with a lower rank. But the difference shouldn't be
higher than 2-3 levels (between items).
- Ranks 5 and higher mean that an item or building has a "special skill".

For example, a metalworking plant may be very good at making base pipes,

but it will make other items a little worse. Or, for example, an engine for a

ship can consume less fuel, but it is more fragile. There can be many options.
- The higher the rank level, the higher the probability of an unsuccessful combination.
- Only the same items (by type) can be combined.
- Yellow grades 1-3. Green ranks 4-6. Blue ranks 7-8. Purple grades 9-10.
- The combination window can be opened through the assembler (it does all this.
But smaller items can be combined through crafting).
- The presence of a special item that can be inserted into the combination window,
called "Combination Synchronizer" - helps to increase the likelihood
good combo.
- A new skill also helps to increase the likelihood of a successful combination.
- The combination window displays a horizontal tree of item ranks, and
characteristics that an item will receive at higher levels of rank.
- In case of an unsuccessful combination, both items are removed from the inventory.
- Thus, for example, you can get the same engine, but with a greater
efficiency. Or a more efficient factory.
- Perhaps, over time, an auction will be needed. players will be interested
in obtaining rarer items (high rank) that are difficult to obtain.

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