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Transfer Unit moving multiple items


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Organizing a large industrie is a heavy task. Due to the limitations of container connections the transfere unit helps a lot, but is far away from perfect.

It would be nice if we could have multiple items transfered by one transfere unit. This would help automating without touching the container node limits.


With this extension we could do the following example:


Having a container L as main input for ores.

  • -> transfere unit 1 moves all T1 ores to a T1 container
  • -> transfere unit 2 moves all T2 ores to a T2 container
    • T1 container feeds T1 refinaries
    • T2 container feeds T2 refinaries
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8 hours ago, BooseOG said:

How about it can only do one at a time but you can set different links products so, when it has achieved  its maintain target or cannot transfer (no input/output etc) it switchs to next link/product.

That could be one way to solve the problem, i would take that.

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