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Underhand Aerial

HYPERIUM - Dual Universe Tools - Crafting Calculator and more

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Dear fellow Noveans,


we want to offer you a website where you can find several tools that will
improve your game experience of Dual Universe.


Currently we will provide these features:
* Customizable Crafting Calculator
* Detailed informations about Items
* Skill Tree with Multiple Player Support
* Ore Appearance Table with Filters
* Detailed informations about Stellar Objects (planets, moons)
* Named Crafting Lists (Blueprints?)


But we surely will not stop there. These are the planned features, that are in the work already:

* Crafting Calculator considers the talents
* Ship Calculator (with talents)
* and more



Before you register, to use this tool, please consider these rules:

* You DON'T have to use your Dual Universe login. You can use ANY email, username and password.
* After logging in, please read the intro on the left side on the start page to get an little guide on the project.


Now how do you get access to this?

Go to: https://hq.hyperion-corporation.de/

And register. Thats it. The tools you get are free for all to use.


Why are we doing this you ask?
We know, that Dual Universe can be pretty hard especially for new players.
We want to provide tools to make it easier for everyone.

Don't hesitate to tell us what you think or ask questions.



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i always get unauthorized login message with either firefox or chrome browser . Would really like to access your page .




Edited by Samdog
solved it , my fault

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One feature I totally forgot..


Skill Tree - Organization View added 

The organization view of the skill tree has been added, where you can see who has skill which skill levels. Because you don't want to share your skill outside your own organization due to security reasons, several conditions have to be fullfiled, so you can see this view.

  • Your organization has to be marked as a faction. Factions are organizations with their own political interests. DICE for example is not a faction, because it's purpose is only to organize events. To mark your organization as a faction, the super legate of the organization has to contact Underhand Aerial or WildChild85.
  • Second, you have to be a direct member of the organization.

If these conditions are fulfilled, you will see the organization name on left side of your player name. If you click on the organization name, the skill tree will automatically switch to the organization view.

If you don't have any player connected, we could not find a player with your account name. In this case you have to wait a bit. We will provide an ingame way to connect your players with your account. That's right, players. We support multiple players per account.



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13 hours ago, Underhand Aerial said:

Hyperium is not Hyperion. ok? tyvm. 😃

Not Hyperion?






Look guys, I drew parallels!!  O_O

The logo is still there, the top of the O got erased into a U and the N was given an extra bump into an M. I dunno here, my spidey senses are tingling... -_-

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To explain it to outsiders:


Hyperion is the company behind Hyperium compared to how Facebook Inc. stands behind Instagram and WhatsApp 😃


But we are very transparent in this matter. Everyone should know that Hyperion is responsible for this.

After all, we have access to a lot of game-sensitive data about the players. So it is better to know that one of the largest organizations, the largest German-speaking community, is responsible for this project and not just some unknown guy.


Due to our location in Germany, we are bound by very strict data protection regulations. Another advantage compared to international sites 😛

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