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Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on May, 10th


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Hi Noveans,


We have released a new patch today. Dual Universe is now in version 0.29.8 and you can find the changes below: 


General Note

We’ve revised the backend working of radars and though this should be an unnoticeable change for players, we’d like to invite you to send us a report should you encounter issues with radars. We’ll be monitoring radar performance and reports closely.



  • [Radar] There are now fewer attack announcements.
  • [Radar] Warning in widget if radar linked using generic control plugs
  • Prevent the player from putting the maneuvered construct in an unreachable position.
  • [Radar] Similarly to weapons, radar will now have a visibility cone that will need to be clear of voxels and other elements for the radar to function. Unlike weapons, there will be no cone falloff and obstruction will be a binary state, the cone will either be obstructed and the radar will not work, or it will be unobstructed and it will work.
  • [Build Helper] Added a new Combat category with information about radars and weapons.
  • [Weapons] Increased rotation speed.
  • Changed to the inworld mark layout: mark base icons are smaller. Selection & hover are now displayed as a circle around the mark. Name is now under the mark with  distance below the name and threat info is on the side of the mark icon. 
  • Added an ‘identification bar,’ that grows with identification progress.
  • Added an option to ignore default engine tags.
  • [Build Helper] List CCS Capacity in the Construct Information.


Bug Fixes

  • [Marks] Fixed names of radar targets not being updated.
  • [Radar] Fixed abandoned constructs occasionally not showing as abandoned.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to board inactive constructs in space, without proper RDMS having been set.
  • Fixed freezes that could occur when loading very large images in Lua screen units.
  • Fixed a bug where Point Of Interest names were cut on fullscreen mode (which was specifically a problem for the market district numbers).
  • Last camera settings when entering a cockpit are now saved.
  • Fixed invalid player position after a surrogate session.
  • Mining units now catch up with server downtime.
  • [Parenting] Fixed an issue preventing some destroyed constructs being properly removed from the game.
  • Damages due to collision/friction can now affect docked constructs.
  • Fixed bookmarks that could be erased in some rare conditions.
  • Player is no longer unboarded when refreshing the rights of the current construct.
  • Player is no longer unboarded at the end of the loading screen.
  • Fixed maneuver information being sometimes displayed while not maneuvering.
  • Fixed the, ‘retro skin,’ for Programming Boards.
  • Display an intelligible error when trying to remove fuel and the player inventory is full.
  • Mining Unit and Plasma extractor animations stop when they are broken.

Thanks for your support! 




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