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Help needed by a noob with containers!

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I know the answer to my question will be very simple to those that know it, but I would be grateful for a pointer.


I stuck a container on the back of my hovercraft and now do not seem to be able to take it off. Can I remove it and store else where or put in my inventory or break down to component parts?  The path I was trying looked like it would delete it or indeed delete my hovercraft. Any help from you smart people gratefully received, thanks.

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Hey mate,


When in build mode, to pick an element and put it back into your inventory or linked container you need to:

- Empty the container of all contents;

- Select the "deploy element tool" (1 by default), aim at the element (the container in this case);

- Hold alt and click on it.


The container will go to your current active inventory, be it your Nanopack or a linked container (not the one you are trying to pick up, oc). You need to have enough free space in whichever.


ps holding alt and clicking reverts the behavior of most of the tools

pss I suggest you join the discord channels to get just in time help from other players/orgs.

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Pretty much what _IeaeI_ said. 


I did find that you have to experiment with the hot-bar buttons to be able to pick it up so if 1 doesn't work make sure to cycle through some of the others. For me 9 did some good stuff...can't remember what, but I was trying to pick up some boxes/elements. 


Good luck!

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