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Beta Release - Beta Keys

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Hi folks,


I pledged the "Sponsor Pack" quite a time ago. In the description it says, that it contains two beta keys, that can be gifted.

Since the newest announcement and FAQ to the beta release on 27.8. includes a monthly fee for "non-backers", I wonder if the two friends I want to invite will have to pay that fee.

I'm just not 100% sure, if this will be the case.

Could anyone clarify on that, please ?


Thx, and looking forward to 27.8. 😊

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Nope, if your friends sign up with beta keys they will not have to pay a fee for beta.



12. Will those benefiting from these Beta Invitations have to pay the monthly subscription?

Of course not. 
It would defeat the purpose of having a Beta Invitation.




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