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Ore layers (like onions)

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When I go mining, tier 1 veins are generally close to the surface and there's only so many per hex. If I mine down for two hours and end up at -10km, there's absolutely no ores. Well what if there were layers to ores. Now I understand the issues of purely random generation. It's why ore depths are averaged out between their limits. 19-470? average depth of 240. But what if you take that range, and add another one just like it at 1247-1622? And 3534-4011? As well, have a slight increase (talking at most 100% 50km down) that increases vein size the deeper you get. Once resurrection nodes make you lose stuff and you can't just force respawn all the time, it will reward those who haul everything back to the surface. As well it would allow for more ore, which will be necessary as beta comes and player count skyrockets.

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