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Difference between username, display name and character name?

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Haven't been able to find the answer via search or maybe I haven't entered the right words...:unsure:


Haven't participated in forum and game since March 2019, so apologies if this has been asked before.


Having read the February 25th email, I'm a little confused about the difference between my username, display name and character name. My character's name was reserved in the Kickstarter, but post as Condottiero_Magno on the forums and for some reason, this is the name shown in the game - kept forgetting to ask last year. I'm unfamiliar with display names: is this the character's name? Logged in to fill in the space, but it has the same requirements as the forum username: no spaces. How would I go about having my character's name show up in the game and Condottiero_Magno on the forums?

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