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Open post to the devs of Dual Universe

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I am on the market for a game to play. I have not yet made my choice because there is nothing on the market that is really inviting at the moment. I started to get online with Call of Duty 1 back in 2003, discovered EVE online in 2004 and played a while then stopped and jumped to Second Life just to jump again to World of Tanks. I don't have active accounts in any of the MMO's I played. When I leave a game, I leave it for good and I make sure I don't change my mind and I delete my account. This is what I do. First impression of Dual Universe is that asking $60.00 for a game in alpha (or beta) test is plain weird. As matter of fact I will never pay to play a game in alpha test for $60.00 ever.  The best you can hope for is 15.00$ recurrent monthly.  This being said I am searching for a game and recently tried out Warframe. I was in a clan for a short while and the recurrent subject of the folks in the clan was about "nerfing" and the numerous nerfs the game had gone troughs over the years. I decided to write a comment in Warframe forums about nerfs and this might actually help the devs of Dual Universe.


"I am new to Warframe. I am not new to gaming since I have been online since 2003. I have seen game come and go. One thing I discovered is the effects of "nerfing" on a game. I even came with a rule when it comes to "nerf." You can give to players but rarely can you take back. If new content is introduced in a game, it is a given and should never be diluted. To this effect you need a good test server to carefully monitor new game content and avoid this new content to be the subject of a future "nerf." Nerf should not even be a word admitted in the gaming community. You can give to players but rarely can you take back."



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Hi Jonesy,


Welcome in the Dual Universe community!


Regarding your statement "I will never pay to play a game in alpha test for $60.00 ever":


It's totally fine, really. If you don't want to support a game in development and prefer to buy and enjoy games only when they are in a more or less complete state, we - at Novaquark - totally understand: those who currently support us do so in order to help us finance the game. In return, they got a fair amount of months of playtime that they will be able to use at official release, and they have access to early stages of development, where they can give their feedback and help to improve/shape the game. We totally get it's not for everyone. If you just want to enjoy a finished game, we respect your choice and it's indeed better to wait until official release.


Regarding the statement "Nerf should not even be a word admitted in the gaming community":


That's your point of view and we respect it, but we tend to disagree on that topic. "Buffing" or "Nerfing" is part of the continuous challenge of having a well balanced game. No dev succeeded (and probably never will) in making a game perfectly balanced from the start, because games nowadays can reach such game depth and/or complexity that it is virtually to anticipate every situation.


Starting from there, buffing and nerfing are necessary adjustments that need to be done during the game life. Not nerfing overpowered features/skills/talents might just make flee more players from the game than addressing the issue, because the game might feel then too easy and the players become bored if there is no challenge anymore, or because it might feel unfair in a PvP game for players not using the said overpowered features (and don't want to use the same Meta that everyone else) feeling disavantaged.


We hope you'll understand Novaquark's stance on those topics, just as we respect yours.


Best Regards,

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