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So how can I be a part of the community?

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Is there a way I can be part of the community without buying one of the packs? I'm part of the Discord but don't know a way for me to get involved. Call me stupid but can anybody help?

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You already are part of the community. :) Welcome.


There is a bit of frustration stemming from the NDA. It does enhance the perception that those with packs are *in* and those without aren’t.

This is cemented with the fact that only backers can create organizations. (This used to be open to all, but was abused so it was changed to what we have today.)


So what can be done?

Discord and Forums (the non-NDA parts) are open for anyone. Throw down your thoughts and have a chat (like you DU) :)

To create an organization without owning a pack you would have to either team up with someone with a pack or create your  organizations discord server or both.


The NDA is being lifted later this year and with Beta access to the game will be much simpler/easier with all the beta keys floating around.


Hope this helps.

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Beta keys can already be bought in the current packs. The beta keys are in addition to alpha/beta access for the pack purchaser. Which is why I said there are many beta keys floating around: each pack comes with some to give away.


I would be surprised if there isn’t a beta access only pack in the future, but there has been no official word on this (as others have stated earlier).

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