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Hello from Enigma

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Hi all,


I am a very new sponsor / tester (3 days or so in) and making my first post to introduce myself.


I have played games such as entropia, no mans sky and eve online, and decided to become an alpha sponsor as I see huge potential in what can be achieved by the vision of this game.  My main focus on such games has been geared around industry, however I have committed a lot of time on group / fleet pvp in large alliances on games such as eve online in the past.


For Dual Universe I plan to be involved in the testing of as much as possible, hopefully all with time permitting and ofcourse depending on how quick I can achieve proficiency in each area that game has to offer, my main interests are on the industry aspects of the game, which start with mining and resource gathering, have spent considerable time trying to scan down ores so far.


Hope to speak with many of you in game as time progresses.






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