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Whats available now?


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So if i buy a package and start playing during this test cycle i have a few Qs.

1. is there any pvp / weapons?

2. do they give you a list of objectives to test?

3. is their a tutorial right now?


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PvP is scheduled for Alpha 3, towards the end of this year.


Features are added and tested.


If there isn't an official tutorial, the community is quick to create one and help new players.

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Thanks for the reply. I ended up buying a pack so i can play around and learn a bit more about it.

Stupid question but how do i get the forum to update with my current pack i bought.


Discord is setup now. (Thanks to whoever made that video!)


Well discord is not setup now since my forum doesnt show my pledge pack rank. Doh. Lol


EDIT:All fixed. Thank you

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