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Golden Oak Industries

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Introducing Golden Oak Industries!




Golden Oak Industries operates on the principal of "For the Group, by the Group!" What this means is that if you help the organization, the organization will help you!



To assist every member in character and educational development, including, but not limited to;

  • Development of Character
  • Ship Construction and Acquisition
  • Base Building
  • Research and Development
  • Mining and Industry
  • ... and more!


While we will welcome members from all walks of life, in any area of the world, our primary time zone is GMT-7. As the group grows, this will, perforce, expand.

More information to come soon™!


Website https://www.dualuniverse.us 


(still under development, but planned to include;

  • Public and Private Blogs
  • Public and Private Forums
  • Member Profiles
  • Member Blogs
  • Messaging System
  • Organizational Reporting
  • Centralized Resource Management
  • Centralized Planning Tools
  • Instructional Video Library (as developed)
  • ...and more!



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