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Ethan Kel

Introduction, observations, and opinion

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Greetings and hello to the community!:


I wanted to play the game for a while before I posted anything.

I want to first thank Novaquark for an incredible game and their welcoming and grateful attitudes expressed in so many ways to this growing community. I've played many games before and was, in all honesty, surprised by these attitudes. I felt valued and welcomed as a  customer and I want to personally express my thanks for all the effort Novaquark does in recognizing the community in these positive manners that in my opinion will build a solid community and solid relationships.


One of the first observations I made before I even logged in the first time was the awareness by the developers that the game needed to be immersive but not to complicated and to keep the game as simple as possible so that folks could enjoy the gameplay without having to spend an inordinate amount of time with a massive learning curve or system. This has been accomplished quite well with what I have seen so far.

As for the gameplay itself, I have waited for just under 40 years for a game like this. Other games have attempted to achieve this but limited themselves in size, to many static objects or limiting parameters.


Dual Universe had me within the first hour!

It has been a long time since I have been so excited about a game! So much potential and so equally balanced! I like limited inventories versus what is built to contain them and I like inventories that don't follow a pilot wherever they go unless containers are made to tranp[or them. This is much more realistic. The crating and blueprinting in this game is another fantastic approach. No more static ships! Organizations will really have a great time creating ships/equipment designs that can be sold on the markets providing even yet another way for these organizations to make a name for themselves and a stronger and better in-game economy.


I absolutely believe in the success of this game and can hardly wait for the universe to come!!

So much more to say but will sum it up by saying thank you again for giving us this game that many of us have hoped for, for so long!

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Indeed, the potential is almost evenly large as the size they are planning for DU.

One cannot describe the fascination this can unlock within game lovers with limitless imagination.


When a game is so clear in telling why some game elements are impossible and just stick with it instead of wiggling around the hot matter, it brings confidence in the fulfillment of a dream once taken to the drawingboard to be lifted into the cloud of imaginary visionary posibilities followed by the well know words "Take my money".


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Is it like blood ? Does it have to be mine ? ^^


NK president !


Wait, wait, wait...

They listen to people, and take their opinions into account. They actually produced things and make it visible. They explain their choices...

NK... Freaking president !

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