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What can we build?

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On 2/1/2019 at 11:54 AM, dylanwhiley said:

In game, so far. What is it that we can build?


Say I fancy making items for residences, can I make an oven? What if I want to make weapons, etc?



An oven is probably within the ability of voxel building. A modern boxy stove top and oven would be fairly easy. An old style bee hive oven a bit more of a challenge.


Public videos have pretty clearly exposed the idea of an element, i.e., a mesh building part that actually has function. I suspect that weapons will all be elements so I expect we'll be limited to the weapons NQ provides. That's really for ship's weapons.


I have no idea how personal weapons will be handled.


Look ma... answered the question without breaching the NDA.

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@dylanwhiley well I would say yes. Items like weapons, furniture, and appliances will be craftable Items, and you can use them in anything you build. If you look at the many videos you can see all kinds of things like tables, chairs, beds, nightstand, even bathrooms amenities like toilets and showers. Those type of things are just decorative elements, the weapons being functional elements.


We don't even know what all the building items available are yet in the final release. An Novaquark will continue to add more after release as the game grows.














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