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Hello everyone,


I have this project of creating some kind of spaceports/malls/meeting points in DU. The first one would obviously be on Alioth.

The first version will just have some basic stuff, like a public res node and a taxi station, but hopefully it will grow to something bigger.
The way I see it, multiple orgs could join and do business in one place, like in a mall or an IRL airport.


For players willing to join, I'm creating an org : https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-alioth-omniport-project , I'll put more info in this if I'm not the only one interested in this.

For organizations willing to collaborate in any way (taxi, cargo, advertisement, etc.) please leave a message.



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If your willing to put in more details, I might consider this a future space-based launch point for my own organizations heavier space focused rescue craft unless something else comes along.


What else can you do to differentiate yourself? Until then I think I'll sit on the sidelines, good luck though! c:

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