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Handheld Programming Board

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I love the possibilities Lua scripting enables, like, for example, custom user interfaces in space ships.

However, I really miss the possibility to have Lua assistance when running around. I, however, like the idea that you need a device to hold and run the code.

So what I like to propose is some handheld programming board, that can be activated in the inventory and runs code on the go. I imagine it to look like a PADD (as known from StarTrek) or lets just say like a smartphone. When activated it provide the possibility to run Lua code just like the stationary programming board, especially including the feature to show custom UI panels.

Probably there can only be one device be activated at a time or even multiple ones.


This would allow to implement handheld scanners, radar, remote controls, communicators, basically everything your smartphone can do.

Just consider a huge confusing city and you got yourself a hand held navigation system that provides turn by turn navigation ?

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