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Territory Unit abuse ideas, maybe

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I feel like there should be some no claim zones.  The Arkship for one, but also just swathes of random land or whole planets that are not allowed to be claimed.

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Well, after reading this interesting thread, i feel that almost everything (step by step) could be possible in the game, regardless how things in real life could be, since people come to Alioth practically amnesic (and with an awesome hangover, after 10000 years of miraculous cryogenic dream, you know), but retaining the ability (acquired who knows how) to stay alive without eating or drinking (not to say about the need of pee or poo). 

So, being this not a classic survival game (and therefore, being freed of many real life requeriments and features), there are many possibilities to do and design things and dynamics in creative ways, especially if a good amount of people support and propose them to the developers. 



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