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[Announcement] Game Access displayed on the forum

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Hi everyone!


Several people have been wondering how to differentiate Kickstarter Founder backers from Post-Kickstarter Founder backers.

Indeed, until now there weren't any clear way (at least on the public) to know who has access to the Alpha and who hasn't.

To make it as simple as possible, we have deployed a simple feature displaying which accounts have access to the Alpha 1 and which haven't.
You can find it under you number of posts and location in any post you've made on the forum.





You can also find it on your profile page, in the category "Profile Information":




Some of you may have something different from "Yes" or "No" regarding the Alpha 1 access (like "1" or "0")




This is just a debug display that will be replaced  by the correct display once you will have logged out once and relogged on the forum.


Best Regards,



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