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French website & news about game localization!

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Hi everyone!


Today we have two exciting news topics to share with you. After today's maintenance, the official website has now a French language option! You can access it by clicking on the French flag in the top left corner of the website (or access it directly by this link: https://www.dualthegame.com/fr/). In addition, we have begun the development of localization tools within the game. The game will be released in French in addition to English.


Why is this good news for non-French speaking players?

It’s the first step toward additional languages. Maintaining a website in multiple languages isn’t just a matter of translation, it’s also a matter of web development. We were tasked with developing a structure that allows us to easily add new languages without modifying a page’s core code each time we alter its text.Without this structure, translation-related tasks become far more difficult and time consuming.


We are starting with French for several reasons:


  1. French is the native language for the majority of our team, so it’s easier to recognize issues relating to that language, making it more efficient to test the website.
  2. With the launch of a website available in multiple languages, there is expectation that questions and concerns from players will be addressed in that language via Customer Support and Community Management. This may take additional time for internal approval and hiring the right candidate to fill these positions. In French, we can already manage these responsibilities. 


We plan to add several other languages in the future, though we aren’t able to release an ETA for those at this time. However, we will definitely make an official announcement to the community when we are ready to add more language options! 


Best Regards,

The Novaquark team. 

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