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Reward steps toward environment recovery after mining in the DUniverse!

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I think that it would be fun on long term to reward environmentally conscious behavior in the DUniverse.

Earth is home of many amazing places and all the time we thought that it is big enough to cope with residuum resulting from human activities during the past several centuries we have failed so far. At the beginning the creek, then the river, then the sea have been thought to be large enough to not get significantly changed by side effects of human activity.  


The Universe is home of even more natural environments that potentially can be destroyed. Perhaps we would not be happy having a hole of several 10s of miles nearby in the ground dig by huge mining machines that perhaps will appear in DU. So why to do this on a remote planet and just leave it?


My idea is to reward somehow steps done by players or organizations toward restoring environments in DU especially following mining. I do not have a clear concept how to do this. Could be achieved by in game money or other benefits. I am posting this rather as a brainstorming starter for long term.


If DU will be that game changer game it is planned to be it will attract millions of people. If so, it will build up even if not wanted, some kind of responsibility just because it is getting to so many people. I think we should not let DU propagate ideas that we do not want in our RL either. DU will be an opportunity even if just a virtual one to not make the mistakes we are doing in our RL :)


This is my 1st post to DU so maybe this idea is already have been touched. I also don't know how natural environments are planned to 'live' in DU: will for e.g. a landscape wiped out by mining slowly get e.g. trees and vegetation back alive again after some time or will it just remain unchanged for the remaining X billions of years? :)


Thx for reading!

An absolute DU newbie

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you are right when say this idea have appeared on the forum before.

This is something player have to deal themselves, especially DU is a Sandbox MMO where everything still there after a long time pass. The reward for it is beautiful view, tidy land than a cheese land.

With that most Org who care about their public view ( especially those base at near Ark ship ) will sure do it, but not to a wasteland or No man's land. People will tend to city more :)).

Anyway hi, welcome to DU.

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I agree with @ShioriStein, as much as we would like to have the benefits provided by environmental responsibility and consciousness in certainty, this is still an Open World Sandbox game, which means these actions and decisions are still up to the players. The moment we introduce a reward-system towards this implemented by the game itself, it becomes a "mandatory" thing even if they are not forced - thus it limits the "fully editable universe" this game is supposed to provide.

A smart and competent individual and organization in this game who owns territory/s that is designated for settlement and establishment (whether for private or community) will take the responsibilities that you mentioned to keep the area/environment as organized as visually possible because it is their own territory.

I, for example, as an organization member and not a legate, wants to be in an organized organization. The moment that I see an organization fails so bad in such aspect is when I leave because I see it as contrasting to what my goal in this game is. Communication is also mandatory to me. It doesn't matter to me how large an org is, if they fail in these aspects, I don't wanna be in them.

If environmental impact becomes a concerning issue brought by mining, a country which is a sovereignty must implement a provision like mining law in which a mining firm must obtain the required legal paperworks and abide to the law/term. This is called having a process or system. Just like in real life, to keep things organized, we have a system. Without a system to account for, do you think people will voluntarily take accountability when they could get away with corruption? Having systems are necessary for organization, having unnecessary systems on the other hand is bureaucracy and red tape. It is our challenge as a civilization to develop and improve such systems, which defines our level of development. 

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Thanks for the comments so far guys! Just to clarify, I was thinking to a strictly not-enforced rewarding logic to propagate environmental consciousness. You do smthing toward recovering the mess you did, you get some reward, you do not do it you don't get punished.


It sounds promising if this can be achieved on organization level even if it will not be a general thing across DU.


On the other hand, I think that there is some kind of logical inconsistency in the rationale that expects that players will just "take the responsibilities that you mentioned to keep the area/environment as organized as visually possible because it is their own territory." We know that is not the case. Don't forget that we are the same people for e.g forum rules are created for! That optimistic expectation, that communities will automatically navigate themselves into the 'good direction' simply does not seem to work. To take the closest example, in this forum, we have forum rules and we have moderators. Why we need them? Exactly because the above expectation, unfortunately, does not seem to work ?

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