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Nuclear Weapons and Player Experience

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Nukes are a bit too powerful and honestly would require a heck of a lot of coding.


Thermobaric weapons, on the other hand, would be nice. Requires oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere, so ineffective in high atmosphere or water, but the largest constructed RL are in the micro-nuke range. 40-50 tons of TNT. 


That is if we will have explosive weapons at all?

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On 11/11/2018 at 10:32 PM, 0something0 said:

To everyone saying nukes will get ruin the game:


"In MMOs, there's one true universal principle: the strong lives, the weak adapts.

When everyone's ships are getting [nuked], I'll be sure to be a [nuker]."


To everyone who's saying that nukes won't ruin the game:

"In MMOs, there's one true universal principle, have fun playing the game.
When everyone's playing the game without ruining the fun of other people, I'll be sure to play it my own way."

..... Your point? Your subjective opinion over what the game should play like has zero weight since it's what it is. Subjective.

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What do we want? Nukes When do we want them? Now :)


Well, nothing wrong with adding nukes, but there should be a counter measure to them, so with adding offence a defensive measure should also be introduced.


Remember the 12 Colonies? it took about 12 minutes to kill billions. DU will be nothing different without proper countermeasures. But yes please add them :)

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On 10/17/2018 at 5:22 AM, 0something0 said:

Likewise, why shouldn't nukes be "valid gameplay"? 

Ppl have a passion for nukes! 

But matter antimatter reations are much more powerfull.

And maybe we could have a black hole gun that would remove entire systems from game. 


Now think of an impact of an entire system being destroyed with a single shot. 

That would be a valid tactic. For sure would kill the enemy. 


But at what cost? 

What would happen to the 10000 players living in that system? Rage quit? 

What would happen to the planets and its resources? 

For what? So 1 single guy would have some fun for 10 secs? 

How great the game would be with this in? 


Nukes and other WMDs would not take down an entire system but would still create allot of colateral damage and would be the fun of 1 over the sadness of 100.


So i agree that DU should not have any WMD. 

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