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We've discovered and learnt (or remembered) to be again "sola arbo kun multaj folioj", a motto we used to say in our native language and which means "a tree only of many leaves". 

And there we stood, singing those last verses with irrepressible emotion ...


I want to go with you without cold
Like birds, like the river
Slowly to sing
Drinking the birth of the day
The earth, the night, the sea air
And the promisse to stay


Our eyes were full of love, but bathed in tears. How to explain that we were happy and sad at the same time? Happy because we had begun to truly love, we had begun to learn it in our community, Natumo, and our hearts had awakened and expanded, calming and clarifying our minds. And sad because, paradoxically, we had to part, right now, having tasted life like never before, now that we lived every moment as if there were no tomorrow. And today came that day.


There would not be a tomorrow - not on the planet that saw us born - to continue sharing alongside those who stayed there. Among us and among them were our women, our men and children, our brothers all. It was no longer a legend or a theory, we had become what they called a people with only one heart. But the Ark Ship was about to depart ... and would never return.


In our farewell, under the tilo -the lime tree-, in Naturomo, which had been silent but warm witness and companion in so many assemblies, in so many parties and games, now we sang one of those sweet tunes of our ancestors, one that oozed life and beauty; one that had passed from generation to generation. It was called "O riso que me deste" (the laugh you gave me), but now would be, for ever, our farewell song.


Is it not life so, full of contrasts and changes?. But always Life.


Goodbye Natumo ... and hello Tilo.



Text by Alsan Teamaro.

Song and lyrics: O riso que me deste (Teresinha Landeiro version).

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