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New Genesis Creation Lore

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Hey Everyone!  A few of us are doing some work on the lore for our own group, New Genesis.  Were not professional writers lol but we would like some feedback from the community.  It's pretty short and mostly in line with the lore of Dual Universe but if you guys can give some suggestions we could use it.  It covers the creation of New Genesis & "The Holy Order" (which is our fictitious religion) but not the origin of our Gods, which will be covered in another segment at another time.


(Edit - Added Video)


The Creation of New Genesis:



It was a time of extreme changes in ideologies and way of life for the entirety of the human race. Scientists discovered a doomsday Neutron Star that would impact Earth in roughly 500 years.  This neutron star was named the Star Kiss of Death, or SKiD for short.




As the years went by a massive change in humanic and theological views began.  Most, if not all modern religions took a blow as a result of the socio-economic breakdown due in part of the “no future” movement that was created.  During this breakdown, a predominantly extremist faction firmly believed that the earth would be destroyed and that there was nothing anyone could do about it.  This movement came to be despite all of the world’s leaders working together to create a so called “United Earth Federation” to ensure that each country would work together towards the survival of the Human race.  The main goal of the UEF was to analyze possible responses and escape strategies for the SKiD.



During this time, humanity moved away from hard labor due to the advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence.  The general population had little of importance to do. This lead to many people questioning their faith and role in society.  Over the years people started yearning for something new. A few select individuals started to come to the realisation that current religions at that time seemed to be failing us.  These select few analyzed current religions, deemed them fictitious, hateful and the main cause of humanity’s reluctant effort in advancing in technology. This lead to the creation of a new faith called “The Holy Order” which promoted science and religion hand in hand.



The Holy Order begat a large following of a couple hundred thousand over the past few centuries and eventually became a force to be reckoned with. So many of their deities either had concrete evidence of existing or the theology behind them had so many ideals that made them fit with everyday real life that many people began to join the organization as it was difficult to argue against what The Holy Order stood for. People questioning the current global leadership also abetted in the aid of loyalty towards The Holy Order.



The Holy Order finally decided that a leader would have to be chosen to guide the people once humanity reached the new world and that a new government would have to be made.  A child was born to one of the high priestesses of The Holy Order and was chosen to be groomed as the leader of this new frontier. The Holy Order would later go on to call this new leader “The Master Architect.” He was named king of this new government by all leadership in the Holy Order at that time and was entrusted with the responsibility of carving a path for the people.



All of the leaders in The Holy Order came to the conclusion that The Master Architect was ready to take charge. One of his first decisions was that there should be a high council to aid and advise him in all matters.  This became known as the “Council of Archons.” Each Archon were to rule over different segments of the new government and were responsible for ensuring that the people were well taken care of.  Since there were multiple Arkships being made by the UEF that were going to other parts of the galaxy, The Master Architect decided to delegate several members of The Holy Order to take lead in the Arkships that he was not going on and for them to create their own hierarchy.



Quickly, The Master Architect became a loving figure among his people and known for his firm but fair hand.  To not believe in The Holy Order was considered heresy of the highest degree for which The Master Architect held nothing back when it came to punishing this crime.  Though there were a lucky few that only met the fate of being exiled, other punishments could not be described in words and if they could, it would not be pleasant to have them included in this historical document.



Years after the council of Archons was created, other departments and divisions were created so that the current global “regime” could be replaced with a system that made a lot more sense.  This was to create a more stable economy in the new world with no discrimination between what were once known as “classes.” The Master Architect, the council of Archons & the newly created departments saw very quickly to the end of the class system and made sure that every individual was valued on their input to society and not on the amount of money that they earn.



Over the years this group of people came to be known as New Genesis, meaning “new beginning” which is what most people wanted and needed.  It was hoped that moving to a new planet and galaxy would enable New Genesis to achieve its righteous goals.



The UEF begins its first mission in sending humans across the galaxy.  The Master Architect and a good portion of New Genesis board one of Arkships that were created by the UEF, the Novark.  It heads towards the Scutum-Centaurus arm…


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