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Official Discord FAQ

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Hi Everyone,


We heard that some of you have concerns after the announcement of the Community Discord becoming the Official Discord. So we are providing a short FAQ to address those concerns:


What if a Discord admin suddenly goes rogue and does something horrible on the Discord (such as deleting it and/or leaving?)


While very little has changed on how the Discord is run, there has, however, been one important change: the ownership has been transferred to Novaquark staff. As we can’t have multiple accounts owning a Discord, the owner is now NQ-Nomad. As a Novaquark employee, he has the complete trust of the rest of the team. You can check this here.


Having Community Members as moderators is a problem. What if some start abusing their power with their role?


Discord is something running 24h/24 7d/7. Moderators being proactive community members is far from being something new. A lot of Discords (even official ones) and forums have community members as Moderators. Current moderators have our trust. As far as we know, no abuse of power has yet occurred. However, nobody is perfect and in the case of a conflict arising (due to misunderstanding or personal grudge), there’s still the possibility to contact Novaquark staff (through the forum or customer support) to address the situation and find a solution to the problem. However, before contacting Novaquark staff for such issue, please check the 2 following things:

  • You have tried your best to solve the issue with the moderators first.
  • You are sure the problem is real (bring facts and evidence, not hypotheses, assumptions or rumors).


I won’t come on a Discord where I am obliged to use an Authentication Bot made by a Community Member. What if this Community Member does shady things with the authentication Bot, like gathering personal data from users for himself?


We trust Yamamushi, as in two years, he has given us no reason to doubt his integrity. However, if this can reassure you: before making the Discord Official, the script has been reviewed by a member of our team, NQ-Illustra. Moreover, the script is open source and its content can be found publicly here (so it would become difficult to make shady things without being noticed).  However, as Novaquark is now responsible to what happens on the Discord, it makes sense that as a general rule, any addition/modification made by any Community Member (and you’re welcome to contribute) to the current script will need a validation from the Novaquark’s team before being implemented.


Regarding potential issues about data gathering and GDPR infraction: 

The data gathered is exclusively public: the Bot is only able to collect data that you decided to display on the forum, so no information you’re unwilling to share is gathered. That’s also why you can’t be recognized as a backer on Discord as long as your backer status is hidden. As this system is not perfect, we plan in the future to change the way it works, with an API that will simplify the connection and authentication between your Dual Universe account and your Discord account to get access to channels under NDA. Basically, the Authentication Bot will just ask the API if a DU account has already access to the game or not, without trying to get any more information.


Why an Authentication Bot is the right way to do it:

The community will grow and giving the access manually to NDA channels on Discord for each player is just simply not a reasonable long-term solution. When Alpha launches, we will have something along the lines of 6000 new backers having access to the game. Moreover, if the process is automated, it will guarantee impartiality and no human error possible.


We hope these answers will alleviate the concerns you may have.

If you want to give your feedback or if you have some remaining concerns, please discuss it in this forum thread.


Best Regards,
The Novaquark team.

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